Global Warming

It’s not bad enough that Global Warming is going to take away our summer vacations at our favorite low-lying coastlines, flood our harbor cities, and drop large chunks of Greenland and Antarctica into the ocean.

Now it’s taking away books from children.

(Or a least it would be if the Canadian Government weren’t so resourceful.)

I kid you not.

Check out this article from yesterday’s Toronto Star about how the Canadian Government had to airlift 7,000 children’s books into some of the most remote northern villages because the usual route of transport–winter roads–are too dangerous this year because of Global Warming.

It was quite a sight, according to one witness in the teeny town of Fort Sevren in Ontario. “It was spectacular! The sun was shining, it was 10 below and suddenly the big Hercules came swooping into view, tipped its wings from above 800 feet above us and out came eight parachutes with crates of books floating to the ground,” said Bartleman from the tiny community about two hours from Hudson Bay.“We all jumped on the back of snowmobiles and pulled sleighs out onto the ice to load up the books. Some of the children ripped open the boxes and started to read the books right there in the snow.”

Someone better call Al Gore.