Stop me

Okay, I’ve been so focused on my ire about the great scrotum debate that I totally missed this 2/21 article about parents behaving badly in an ongoing disagreement with the Miami Public School System over several books that Cuban-American parents say portray Cuba in too rosy a way.

Apparently, one parent, fed up with all of the red tape she and her fellow “concerned parents” are having to go through to remove [censor] books from the school library, simply decided to check the books out, and never return them.

My favorite quote: “‘If you take it out and don’t return it, no kid can read it,’ Rodriguez, who is a member of the Concerned Cuban Parents Committee, said Wednesday. ‘It’s not censoring; it’s protecting our children from lies.'”

Aye carumba.


Full disclosure: ABC participated in the filing of an amicus brief late last year along with ABA, ABFEE, and many other organizations in support of keeping the books in the Library as a part of the on-going legal debate in Miami. You can see the brief here.

Thanks to Bookshelves of Doom for the good catch.