Ball Cascade

This, my friends, is what it looks like when you bounce 250,000 superballs down the streets of San Francisco.


Web Icon These incredible stills are from an even more incredible commercial shot to advertise the Sony Bravia line of high-def televisions.


Apparently, there is no CGI, and the main sequence was shot by a 23 man camera crew who had only one chance to get it right. The whole thing took two days.


The balls were shot out of an air cannon and dropped by earthloaders, and the entire street was closed down. All of the cars are props, because the balls can do some major damage, apparently. (You can even see shingles flying off a house in one shot.)


You can have all your questions answered and watch a featurette on the making of the commercial at the Bravia website.

As an extra bonus, check ot the amazing music of José González, whose song provides the goose-bump inducing soundtrack.

This, of course, has nothing to do with children’s books, except to remind us all that amazing things still happen.

Many thanks to Liquid Sky Arts for turning me on to this!