China book map

I am amused by this snipet that appeared in today’s Shelf Awarness. I want to know if they will all look like Kid’s Republic, which I have already drooled over in a past post.

If so, I am moving to China. Tomorow. (Okay, maybe next week….)


Book Store 200,000, Near and Dear to Its Customers?

“The Xinhua News Agency announced that over the next five years China intends to open 200,000 bookstores to serve some 900 million people in its rural areas. My broken calculator tells me that works out to four and a half books per person, if each store serves an audience of about 4,500 readers and stocks a thousand titles, as planned.

“Then, I wonder, could there possibly be 200,000 bookstore names in China? New York City stopped naming schools and went for P.S. 1, P.S. 2, and so forth. China could name new bookstores B.S. 1, B.S. 2 all the way up to B.S. 200,000.”–Tony Miksak, former owner of Gallery Bookshop & Bookwinkle’s Children’s Books, Mendocino, Calif., speaking on his radio show, Words on Books, on KZYX and KZYZ-FM in Philo, Calif.