365 Penguins

365 Penguins, by Jean-Luc Fromental, illustrated by Joëlle Jolivet

Harry Abrams; November 2006; 48 pp; $17.95 HC


Core Audience: Children 4-8; Lovers of retro and modern design; Penguin huggers

Strengths: Beautiful bold artwork, great concept, hysterical writing, large trim size

Imagine one day that the mailman shows up and delivers to you a penguin with a note attached that says “I’m number 1”. It would beg the obvious question, “Number 1 of what?” The answer is 1 out of 365.

Penguins that is.

So begins the hysterical tale of one family who must figure out what to do when a penguin a day is delivered to their house for a whole year. The first one is cute, and then the next few are interesting, but it’s not long before the whole house descends into smelly chaos. Where to put them? What to feed them? How to keep track of them? It’s an organizational nightmare.

Combining bold illustration with counting, rhyming, and plenty of visual play, this book is a treat from start to finish. Joëlle Jolivet’s artwork makes good use of the penguins’ naturally graphic physique, and the restrained palette of black, orange, and white with punches of blue give the whole book an appealing retro flair. Kids will love the exuberance of the illustrations and the math puzzles among the silly slapstick. The over-sized trim size of the book (14.3 x 11.3) will prevent you from putting it in all but the biggest bookshelf, but that’s not such a hardship since it will look just as good on your coffee table.

Listen to Daniel Pinkwater’s review of this book on NPR from 12/16/06

Rated: 9.25


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