Adventures of Polo

The Adventures of Polo

By Regis Faller

Roaring Brook Press; April 2006; 80 pp; $16.95 format


Core Audience: All ages

Strengths: Magical wordless picture books about a little dog with big adventures; brilliant conception and illustration

Ah, petit chien! How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways…

1) I love the way your adventures are completely magical, and full of swell stuff like your bottomless backpack, your snug little boat, your house in a tree on a little island, and your wonderful friends of all kinds and colors. I want to come and live with you.

2) I love how your friend Regis Faller has packed each brightly colored frame of your adventure with wonderful details and unexpected developments.

3) I love that your stories will be just as interesting to a three-year-old as to a ten-year-old. I love that I find them interesting too.

4) I love that—like another hero of mine, MacGyver— you have everything you need to solve any problem on you at any time.

5) I love that you remind me of some of my other beloved friends like The Little Prince and TinTin, with all the lyricism and poetry of a movie like Spirited Away.

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And let’s not forget that completely amazing website you’ve got. It’s just as wonderful as your books, like a sweet dream with a lovely soundtrack!

Magnifique, Polo, magnifique!

I look forward to may more wonderful adventures ahead.

Rated: 9.75

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