Wold Snakcs

The World Snacks Series

by Amy Wilson Sanger

Tricycle Press; Various releases; 20pp.; $6.95 BB

Let’s Nosh – 1582460817

Yum Yum Dim Sum – 1582461082

First Book of Sushi – 1582460507

Hola Jalapeno – 1582460728

Mangia! Mangia! (not shown) – 1582461449

A Little Bit of Soul Food (not shown) – 1582461090

Core Audience: Children 0-3; Food lovers

Strengths: Dynamic artwork, bold design, unique subject matter

I was reminded recently of this fantastic board book series for very young children. Once upon a time, it was hard enough to find great new board book titles of any kind with original subject matter for the youngest readers, let alone a series that would appeal to the more design-minded among us.

But world cuisine?

No way.



And then along came the wonderful World Food series from Amy Wilson Sanger, and the foodie parents of the world rejoiced.

Not only do these books have bright artwork and witty writing that the youngest readers will love, but they look just as good on your coffee table as in your toy box.

Just the thing for adventurous readers AND adventurous eaters too!



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